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Johannes Winde (born 1978 in Weimar/Germany) has taken over the musical lead (composition, live music, sounddesign & arrangement) in more than 60 theatre productions. Therfore he worked with directors like Volker Lösch, Ulrich Rasche, Jan NeumannSebastian Schug, Schirin Khodadadian and Marc Becker on many theatres as for example on Theater Basel, Volkstheater Wien, Schauspiel Leipzig, Staatstheater Stuttgart, Staatstheater Hannover and many more.
During his studies of sound engineering he won the award of aspiring sound engineers „Goldener Bobby“.
He is capable doing both classical compositions for orchestra and electronical compositions. In 2015 the art festival „Kunstfest Weimar“ was opened with one of his compositions for orchestra and electronical elements („Aufbruch“ - Orchestronik).
He wrote orchestral arrangements for Alin CoenClueso and DePhazz. You can find them on albums like „So sehr dabei“/ Clueso and „Clueso and stübaPhilharmonie“ an "DeCapo"/ DePhazz. At the end of 2018 was a little tour where Alin Coen performed her songs with orchestral arrangments from Johannes Winde (2022 new album "ALIN COEN & StübaPhilharmonie") 

Furthermore he composes und produces Sountracks for documentaries ("Anamnesis", "IchDuWir") and films ("Full moon", "We will make it").

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